Trivia, Trivia and More Trivia

It’s Canada’s 150th birthday and it’s time to find out how much you and your family know about Canada. We are asking lots of random questions, some are familiar and some are strange. See how many you get right.  The questions are in random order, just as we thought them up.  No searching on Google for the answers, well ……because that’s cheating.  So let’s get started and see how smart a Canuck you are.

Q1.  Where did Poutine originate?

A.     Quebec

Q2.  What are the three main ingredients of Poutine?

A.     French Fries, Cheese Curds and Light Brown Gravy

Q3.  How many official languages are there in Canada?

A.     Two

Q4.  How Many Provinces are there in Canada?

A.     11

Q5.  How many National Parks are in Canada?

A.     46

Q6.  What city is the capital of Canada?

A.  Ottawa

Q7.  What is the largest city in Canada?

A.  Toronto

Q8.  What is Harrington Lake?

A.  The official vacation residence of the Prime Minister

Q9. Who is the current Prime Minister of Canada?

A.  Justin Trudeau

Q10.  Name the Three Canadian Territories

A.  Northwest Territories, Yukon, and Nunavut

Q.11. What is the Capital of Nanavut?

A. Iqaluit

Q.12.  What is the capital of the Northwest Territories?

A. Yellowknife

Q.13.  What is the capital of the Yukon?

A. Whitehorse

Q14. What Is the capital of Ontario?

A.  Toronto

Q15.  What is the capital of Quebec?

A.  Quebec City

Q16.  What is the capital of Newfoundland?

A.  St. John’s

Q17. What is the capital of P.E.I?

A.  Charlottetown

Q18.  How many cities are there in P.E.I?

A. Two, Charlottetown and Summerside

Q19.  What is the capital of New Brunswick?

A.  Moncton

Q20.  What is the capital of Nova Scotia?

A.  Halifax

Q21.  What is the capital of Manitoba?

A.  Winnipeg

Q22.  What is the capital of Saskatchewan?

A. Regina

Q23.  What is the capital of Alberta?

A. Edmonton

Q24.  What is the capital of B.C.?

A. Vancouver

Q25.  Point Pelee is the most southern part of Canada, in which province is it located?

A. Ontario

Q26.  What fruit is Point Pelee known for?

A.  Grapes

Q27.  Point Pelee is on the same latitude as which U.S. State?

A.  California

Q28.  Point Pelee is on the migration route for which butterfly?

A.  Monarch

Q29.  How many visitors are there annually to Point Pelee National Park?

A. 400,000

Q30.  How many Monarch butterflies land on Point Pelee every day?

A. 10,000

Q31.  Approximately how many different species of birds are there on Point Pelee?

A.   390

Q32.  How many visitors are there to Point Pelee National Park each year?

A.  400,000

Q33.  Which Province/Territory has the largest LAND area?

A.  Nunavut

Q34.  Which Province/Territory has the smallest land and sea area?

A. Prince Edward Island

Q35. Which Province has the largest fresh water area?

A.  Quebec

Q36.  What year was the Halifax explosion

A.  1917

Q37.  Which country won the most gold medals at the 2010 Winter Olympics

A.  Canada

Q38. What year did Calgary host the Winter Olympics?

A. 1988

Q39. How many points did Wayne Gretzky score in his NHL career?

A. 2857

Q40. Is the CN Tower the tallest free standing structure?

A. It used to be but not the Burj Dubai is now the tallest structure

Q41.  Which are the two most multicultural cities in Canada?

A.  Vancouver and Toronto

Q42.  Whose face is on the Canadian $100 bill

A.  Robert Borden

Q43. Which is the largest walled city north of Mexico?

A.  Quebec City

Q44.  How many oceans surround Canada?

A.  3 (Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic)

Q45. Which is the only official bi-lingual province?

A.  New Brunswick  (Quebec is considered the only all-french province)

Q46.  Approximately how many tall ships will be sailing in regattas across Canada in 2017?

A.  40

Q47.  Is Canada the first or second largest country in the world?

A.  Second

Q48.  Approximately how many lakes are there in Canada?

A.  30,000

Q49.  Which is the most popular sport in Canada?

A.  ice hockey

Q50.  What was the nationality of the person who invented basketball

A.  Canadian

Q51. What year did Montreal host the Olympics?

A. 1976

Q52.  How many kms of coastline are there in Canada?

A.  202,080 kilometres

Q53.  Name 4 resources in Canada

A.  Zinc, nickel, lead and gold

Q54.  Where did the name ‘Canada’ originate?

A. The name Canada comes from the word ‘kanata’ which means ‘settlement’ or ‘village’ in the language of the indigenous St Lawrence Iroquoians.

Q55. What is Canada’s official national sport?

A.  Lacrosse

Q56.  What year did Canada get total independence from the United Kingdom?

A.  1982 (Constitution Act)

Q57  Which is the highest mountain in Canada?

A.  Mount Logan

Q58.  Which is the largest lake in Canada?

A.  Lake Superior

Q59.  What is the nickname of the $2.00 Canadian coin?

A.  Tooney

Q60.  What is the official bird of Ontario?

A.  The common loon

Q61.  What year was the loon named the official bird of Ontario?

A.  1994

Q62.  How many seats in the House of Commons must a party have to be the official opposition?

A.  12

Q63. Which political party is in power in 2017?

A.  The Liberal Party

Q64.  Which is the official opposition party in 2017?

A.  The Progressive Conservative Party of Canada

Q65.  Who is the Governor General of Canada in 2017?

A.  David Johnston

Q66.  What is the official bird of B.C.?

A.  Stellar jay

Q67.  What is the official bird of Alberta?

A.  Great horned owl

Q68  What is the offical bird of Quebec?

A.  Snowy owl

Q69.  What is the name of the Quebec flag?

A.  Fleurdelisé

Q70.  What is the nickname for the city of Hamilton

A.  The Hammer

Q71.  What does the Canadian motto, A Mari Usque ad Mare, mean?

A.  “From sea to sea.”

Q72.  When did Canada introduce the Canadian maple leaf flag?

A.  1965

Q73.  What year was the east coast of Canada settled by the Vikings?

A.  A.D. 1000

Q74  Which part of Canada became the last Canadian Province?

A.  Newfoundland

Q75.  Which year did Newfoundland become a province?

A.  1949

Q76.  Which year did Canada become a country?

A.  1867

Q77.  What was the original name of Ottawa?

A.  Bytown

Q78.  What is the population density of Canada in square miles?

A.  8.6 people per square mile

Q79.  Canada is the  _____ sparsely populated country in the world?

A.  9th most sparsely populated

Q80.  What Canadian company invented the “snowmobile”

A.  Bombardier

Q81.  The Moosehead Brewery in St. John, NB. turns out how many bottles of beer per minute?

A.. 1642

Q82.  Which shopping mall has the largest indoor amusement park

A. West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alberta

Q83.  Where is the world’s strongest current found?

A.  Nakwakto Rapids at Slingsby Channel, British Columbia

Q84.  What is the speed has been measured in this current?

A.  18.4 miles per hour

Q85. Which province has 50% of the world’s supply of bitumen?

A.  Alberta

Q86.  Which lake on Manitoulin Island in Lake Huron is the world’s largest lake within a lake?

A.  Lake Manitou

Q87.  Which city in Canada has the largest population?

A.  Toronto

Q88.  Which is the female pop singer from Quebec best known around the world?

A.  Celine Dion

Q89. How many children does Celine Dion have?

A.  3 boys

Q90.  Name the two Canadian Actors with the first name of “Ryan”?

A91.  Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds

Q92  Which province was the pop singer Avril Lavigne raised?

A.  Ontario

Q93.  Which city did the bands Bare Naked Ladies and  Blue Rodeo start?

A.  Toronto

Q94.  The singer Bryan Adams is also known for?

A.  Photography

Q95.  The singer Michael Buble married a girl from which country?

A.  Argentina

Q96.  What is her name?

A.  Luisana Lopilato

Q97.  Where is the amusement park, Canada’s Wonderland?

A.  Toronto

Q98.  what is the nickname of Sudbury, Ontario

A.  Nickel City

Q99.  Where is the “Pottahawk Pissup”  held each year in the summertime?

A.  Turkey Point, Ontario

Q100.  On Friday the 13th of any month, what group of people gather in Port Dover, Ontario?

A.  Motorcyclists

Q101.  What is the name of the airport on Toronto Island?

A.  Billy Bishop

Q102.  What is the name of the market in downtown Ottawa?

A.  Byward

Q103.  What is the name of the market in downtown Toronto?

A.  St. Lawrence Market

Q104.  What is the name of Canada’s professional baseball team?

A.  Toronto Blue Jays

Q105.  What is the official flower of Ontario?

A.  Trillium

Q106.  What year was this flower adopted as the official flower of Ontario?

A. 1937

Q107.  Is a Trillium flower edible?

A.  Yes

Q108.  Is it illegal to pick a trillium?

A. Yes, but only on property owned by conservation authorities

Q109.  Which is the oldest city in eastern Canada?

A. St. John’s (1583)

Q110.  Which Canadian singer has the most disliked video in the world

A.  Justin Biebers “Baby” has approximately  5 million ‘dislikes’

Q111. What is the highest full circle external walk on a building?

A.  The Edgewalk of the CN Tower in Toronto

A.  Montreal

Q113.  Oldest baseball field in the world?

A.  Labatt Park in London, Ontario opened in 1877

Q114. Largest mall parking lot in the world?

A. West Edmonton Mall, it holds 20,000 cars

Q115.  Longest ice skating trail in the world?

A.  Lake Windermere, B.C.

Q116.   Largest man-made leaning tower in the world is located in which Canadian city?

A,  Montreal

Q117.  Largest snow maze in the world?

A. Fort William Historical Park in Thunder Bay, Ontario

Q118.  Largest dome igloo in the world?

A.  Grand Falls, New Brunswick

Q119.  Who are the only father and son to become Prime Ministers of Canada?

A.  Pierre Elliott Trudeau and his son Justin Trudeau

Q120.  What year did NDP leader Jack Layton die?

A. 2011

Q121.  What year did Toronto Mayor Rob Ford die?

A, 2016

Q122. Who was the first woman Prime Minister of Canada?

A. Kim Campbell

Q123.  What year was Kim Campbell born?

A.  1947

Q124.  Which province did Kim Campbell represent?

A.  B,C,

Q125.  What province is Algonquin Park located?

A.  Ontario

Q126.  Are motor boats allowed in Algonquin Park?

A.  No

Q127.  Are Canada’s national parks free in 2017?

A. Yes

Q128.  What is the name of the 3 aboriginal peoples of Canada

A.  First Nations, Metis and Inuit

Q129.  Metis make up what percentage of Aboriginal Canadians?

A.  32.3%

Q130.  What percentage of Aboringal Canadians are over the age of 65?

A. 6%

Q131.  How many aboriginal people were in Canada in 2011?

A.  1.4 million

Q132.  Which province has the largest number of aboriginal people?

A.  Ontario

Q133. How many bands are there in the First Nations?

A. 600

Q134.  What percentage of First Nations people live on reserves?

A.  50%

Q135. Which city has the highest population of Metis?

A.  Winnipeg

Q136. How many Inuit live in Nunavut?

A.  Approximately 27,070

Q137.  What is the name of the mountain in Vancouver

A.  Grouse Mountain

Q138.   Where is the Château Frontenac hotel located?

A.  Quebec City

Q139.  What was the largest industry in Hamilton that has since declined?

A.  Steel

Q140.  What is the name of the children’s hospital in Toronto?

A.  Sick Kids

Q141.  What is Screetch?

A.  The national drink of Newfoundland with a rum base

Q142.  What is the nickname of Newfoundland?

A.  The Rock

Q143.  How many wineries were registered in Canada in 2011?

A.  432

Q144,  Approximately how many wineries are there in Canada now?

A.  700

Q145.  How many operating beer breweries were in Canada in 2014?

A.  520

Q146. What is the customary tipping range in Canadian restaurants?

A.  15-18%

Q147.  What is the name of Canada’s Government funded national broadcaster


Q148.  What is the name of Canada’s oldest university?

A. Université Laval

Q149.  In 2017 where does the oldest living person live?

A.  North Bay

Q150.  How old is Canada’s oldest living person?

A. 112