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Canada 150 Flag Cape

How will you get your #CANADA150FUN on?



Wherever you live there is something going on for Canada’s 150th birthday.  The celebrations aren’t just on July 1, 2017, Canada’s official birthday, there will be celebrations across Canada, all year long.


Many Canada 150 projects are in the works for 2017 celebrations.  The red couch project is one of the most popular.  Canadians across the country will celebrate what it means to live in this fabulous country.

Canada 150 Places To Visit

Many towns are holding special events for the Canada 150 celebrations.  And don’t forget all of Canada’s national parks are FREE for the whole of 2017.  Why not try camping or glamping for the summer!

Canadian Trivia Questions

Did you know the game Trivial Pursuit was invented by Canadians?   Here are Canada 150 questions and their answers.  Play this game with your family to see how many they get right.

Canada's Top Camping Destinations

Did you know that Canada’s National Parks are FREE for all of 2017. There is something for everyone right across our beautiful country.  We have over 46 National Parks and hundreds of Provincial Parks across the country.  2017 is the year to travel from Newfoundland to the Yukon.  Why not check out our list of popular camping sites.  Don’t forget to book early so you aren’t disappointed.

Canadian Favourite Foods and Drink

We list 150 favourite foods and drink that Canadians love.  If you are from Newfoundland you might love Ragged Rock Rum Truffle Cake, or maybe Beaver Tails are the best dessert you have ever tasted.  From Quebec you can try Montreal Smoked Meat or Montreal Bagels.  And from Saskatoon there is the famous Saskatoon Berry Pie.  Whatever your taste in food there is something for you.

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